7 Good Resources to Buy Cell Phone Cases

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It doesn’t matter whether you have the iPhone 4, Blackberry or an Android, because whatever brand and model of cell phone you have, you will want to protect it as best as possible. So let’s take a close look at your options on where to buy cell phone cases.

1. Amazon – chances are if a popular manufacturer has a line of cell phone cases out, you will find it online at Amazon. All the major brands are here, including Body Glove, Otterbox, iLuv, and many many more. Simply perform a search for your specific brand and model of mobile and see what pops up. If you already know the particular brand you seek, type that in as well. This is always my first choice when I am looking to buy a cell phone case.

2. eBay – a good second choice for cool mobile phone cases is this giant auction retailer. But don’t hesitate because of the auction aspect, as with the new “Buy It Now” option in place, many sellers now use this feature as standard on their listings. No need to wait or bid, simply buy it then and there. As for your search? It’s the same as the process outlined above, perform a simple query for what you seek and browse around. Just be sure to buy from an established and reputable seller and if possible one that also offers free shipping, as many do.

3. Best Buy – for those who seek an offline option, try BB. Since they carry and sell many different types of cell phones, they also have a nice selection of mobile accessories, including cases and covers. I’ve seen Body Glove and other good case brands at my local Best Buy. Try yours and see what is available.

4. Target – another good solid choice for offline cell phone accessories. The thing about Target and the main reason I have them on my list is because you can find one in most cities and towns. I’ll bet there’s one near you, right. Go to their electronics department where they carry televisions and computers, here you will find their mobile section. Or you can always ask one of the friendly reps in red.

5. Overstock – if you prefer to keep your cell phone case search online, then your next best bet is Overstock. With the economy tanking the way it is right now, everyone is looking to save a buck. Everyone. Make a pit stop at this retailer and chances are you will find a good high quality mobile case at a very steep discount.

6. Walmart – don’t scoff at this mega box retail giant. No one beats their prices, no one. In fact, shop around and you will see they can’t be beat. Quality is another story, but price is the name of the game here and if you stick with the tried and true brands, you will make out nicely. Save yourself a headache by not going to the brick and mortar store, instead go to Walmart.com and shop from home. They have a bigger selection online anyway.

7. Apple – don’t forget about the free cell phone case program being offered till September, if you bought (or plan to buy) the iPhone 4. It’s pretty straight forward, you get a free case upon purchase of the mobile. They have several good brands to choose from and the case is 100% free, no strings attached. How? You can proceed online or visit your local Apple store.